Web Applications

Beyond Websites

Web applications are a creative way to deliver your content and maximise user engagement. We design and build interactive experiences which are accessed via a web browser without any need to install plugins or add-ons.

Typically a website is defined by it’s output and often has limited user interaction. A web application goes beyond this by focussing more on the user input, with more complex logic layers and user journeys. We use the JavaScript library React.js to build applications that feel natural to interact with and smoothly transition between states.

Storing and managing data can be a challenge when working with large applications. When it makes sense, we like to use WordPress to manage the content, using the built in REST API to deliver content to the application.

Getting Started

Every good application begins with a brief, so that’s all we need to get started.

Once we have a brief we like to get to know you better, this usually involves a Skype video chat but we can also travel to most locations around England.

When we know everything about your project we’ll produce a specification document with an estimate for the work.

If you decide to go ahead with us, we’ll do a little dance, then agree on milestones and deliverables.


What To Expect

Web applications can be complex by design and often involve multiple parties or third party services to bring together content, design and implementation. Working with us you can expect our team to be proactive, responsive and organised with a keen eye for detail.

You can also expect communication to be made easy. As our team are used to working remotely we have the tools in place to keep information organised and readily available.

Web Applications


React is a JavaScript library developed and maintained by the Facebook Open Source team for building user interfaces. Modular by design, React will efficiently update and smoothly render different components on screen without the need for a page refresh each time some data changes.

React is the technology that makes applications like Facebook and Instagram feel so responsive, so not only is it fast, it’s proven in the field that it can scale with a large audience.

React logo

Mike and his team at Digital Arm have been our go to partners for every web application we have ever created. As a studio we pride ourselves on our reptuation and Digital Arm are a big reason we are able to sustain this. When it comes to anything web based we have a developer list of 1 that we turn to. Every project is completely frictionless and they are the perfect partners.

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Ready to go?

Tell us a little about your project and we’ll get in touch to get things started.